Meridian Buyers Group opened November of 2007 with a simple philosophy.  We look to give honest, hard-working people who have had credit challenges in the past a second chance at financing a car and re-establishing their credit.  Every interaction we have with our customers is centered on helping them get their credit back on track and moving up the credit scale for their next car loan.

What Dealers are a good fit for Meridian Buyers Group?

  • A matching inventory. Cars priced up to $18,000 are a good fit for our customer niche.  Reliable, basic vehicles that fulfill our customer’s transportation needs.  Exotic, Luxury or expensive German vehicles are not a good fit for Meridian.
  • Models 12 years and newer and 130,000 miles or less are what we target. However, we realize in challenging markets these vehicles may be hard to find.  That is why we view every vehicle year and mileage on a case-by-case basis.
  • We view our dealers as Business Partners.  Your success is our success and vice versa.  We strive to provide financing options that serve our dealers and our customers.

What Kind of Customers to do we Finance?

  • At MBG we consider ourselves more of a “middle sub-prime” Finance Company. We target Fico’s 525 and above.   However, we have a common-sense judgmental underwriting philosophy knowing many customers are “more than just a Fico score”.
  • A stable residence and income source are very important.
  • We are looking for good people who need a second chance.

What states does Meridian operate in?

  • Currently Meridian operates in the States of Tennessee and Kentucky.

How long does it take for me to get paid on a deal?

  • Dealers that submit a complete funding package will get paid within 24 hours via ACH to your bank account. When we receive a funding package we verify the job, residence, stipulations and the contract with the customer.

What Makes Meridian Unique?

  • We are after the Win/Win. We want our dealers to know they can get a fair approval, a common-sense underwriter, and quick, hassle free funding. We want to structure a car deal for them that is going to give our customers the best chance to succeed.

How can I become a Meridian Dealer?

  • It’s easy. Simply click on the link “Meridian Dealer Application”.  Complete the Dealer Application and email it to [email protected] or fax to 615-356-0048.  Our team will review your information and get back with you for the next steps.
  • For more information, you may also call us at 615-356-0023 or simply complete the contact form, and we will give you a call.


At Meridian Buyers Group, we make financing credit-challenged customers easy.  We understand how important the revenue stream is for your book of business, and that is why we make quick funding our number one priority.


“At Meridian, you deal directly with the decision-makers—there are no unreasonable restrictions, illogical requirements, or automated voice-mails—it’s refreshingly straightforward and easy.”

– Darrell, 231 Car Sales

“Meridian is made up of small business owners just like us, so they really understand the urgency of running an independent business. We need to keep our cash flow going, and they have the financial expertise that helps us do that.”

Joe and Mark, University Motors

“It’s simple: Meridian consistently provides the quickest funding. I never have to wait on the phone for a robot to answer my call. And the customers are always happy with the deals they get.”

Chris, Nelson Mazda

“Meridian always has great customer service and personal attention. Whenever we’ve had an onsite sale, they’ve personally been there for us, approving deals and helping us make more sales. From time to time, we have an urgent deal to close, and we’ve been able to make the sale because they always answer the call.”

Pete, Gary Mathews Motors


Put our traditional underwriting approach to the test. 

If you are having difficulty getting a customer approved, simply fax a completed credit application to 615-356-0048, and we’ll review your deal within an hour.  Once approved, we will fax or call you with the terms.  Simply contract the customer, complete the standard stipulation checklist, and let us know when the packet is ready. We will address any problems with the packet quickly, working with you and the customer to reach a common-sense solution.  Once complete, we will electronically transfer the monies or procure a check within 24 hours of receiving the packet.

Interested in becoming an MBG Dealer?

Simply complete the contact form, and we will send an MBG credit professional out to your lot for an initial meeting.