One of our main goals at Meridian Buyers Group is to help customers who have had past credit problems to rebuild their credit score. There are many ways to clean up your credit report and to reestablish a good credit score (see links below), but one of the most crucial is to make timely payments. Your car payment is usually second only to a rent or mortgage payment and creditors pay attention to it, so we ask that all payments be made on or before the due date. If you encounter trouble making your payment on time, please call our office to discuss the matter and to make payment arrangements accordingly.  We are well suited to handle all types of situations.  We will work with you to reinstate a consistent and reasonable payment schedule.

Tools to Improve Your Credit

Payment Options

Recurring Auto Draft from Checking/Savings Account—Simply click here to download a copy of our electronic payment form and complete with your routing and checking account numbers. Once you have filled out the form, please fax or mail it to us. We will deduct your payment on the same date every month. NO FEE

Pay by Phone—Call our office with your routing and account numbers OR card information, and we will draft your electronic payment on the day you request.

Auto Draft Checking and Savings: $5.00
Debit/Credit Card Payment: $5.00

Pay by Mail or in Person—We are located on the fifth floor of the Cavalier Building (across from Nashville State Community College) at 95 White Bridge Road, Suite 500, Nashville, TN 37205.

Methods of Online Payment
Auto Draft Checking and Savings: $5.00
Debit/Credit Card Payment: $5.00

To use your checking or savings account, you will need the routing and account numbers which can be found on the bottom of a check.

  • You will need your newly created Omega Account Number which you can obtain by calling our office
    at 615-356-0023.
  • Save this Omega Account Number as it will be your way to pay online throughout the remaining life of
    your loan with MBG.
  • Click the “Make a Payment” button below and enter your Omega Account Number and the last four digits of you Social Security Number into the appropriate fields.
  • A new browser window or tab will be opened. Follow the instructions to complete your payment.

FEES APPLY TO ALL TRANSACTIONS MADE ONLINE. Please, add the $5.00 fee to the payment so that your account can be credited properly. Please contact the office for an accurate payoff amount.